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saturday wheels

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saturday wheels

Saturday Wheels is our Saturday afternoon cycling club for people with Disabilities / Learning Disabilities.  

We run sets of 10 coached sessions aimed at improving cycling skills and working together as a team.

Many of our cyclists from this group also join our Special Olympics Squad .

We are affiliated to British Cycling and the Special Olympics.

Our staff ratio is 1:5 - but usually much higher so we can offer more support. 

All our staff are trained in Safeguarding.

Our club welfare officer is Lucy Dix - please let her know if you have any concerns. 


If you would like to join our cycling group just email: or text Lucy on 07547 799826

Braving the Weather!

Cor it was cold this week! But you know what? Our cyclists persevered and didn't give up (we did pop inside to warm up when it started hailing though!)
If you'd like to join our group, get in touch with Lucy:  

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