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In the summer of 2023 we ran a holiday club for young people with mild to moderate Learning Disabilities and / or Neurodiversity aged 8 - 18.

We had spaces for non-disabled (or disabled) siblings. 

We will be provided 3 days of activities on July 26th, 27th and 28th, 10am - 3pm each day. It cost £30 for the three days.

We had space for  20 - 25 participants each day, split into groups of 5 for the activities.

Our Summer Holiday Club was run on co-production principles, where all our participants have the right to choose what they would like to do, they are able to change their minds and they were encouraged to self regulate when needed.

We will provided a range of indoor and outdoor activities such as drama, cycling, treasure hunts, sports and art. 

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