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Our Ethics  

We believe that everyone involved in our company has the right to all the information about our company.

We want people to feel safe and protected whilst working with us.

We want all voices to be listened to and everyone's individual needs met. 


Our Community Interest Statements

Our Important Policies

These policies show how we work and the way we want to work. 

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Visual Safeguarding Policy

Everyone working with us should feel safe and protected, this document explains how we make people feel safe. 

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Governance Document

This is a long document with the legal terms of how our company is run.

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Our Safeguarding Leaflet

A quick reference guide which shows what to do when you are worried about someone.

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Financial Statements

When we have published our first account, we will put them here. 

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Our Co-production aims

This document explains how our company wants to work with others.

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New Policies

As we work with our management team to write our new policies, we will upload them here.

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